Bank Owned Homes

Everything you need ot know about bank owned homes.

The 10 commandments for Homebuyers

I’m not going to go over what every one of them is but I basically want to summarize all of them in a nutshell. When you go to the lender and you get a loan and they give you a pre-qualification or pre-approval and you’re in the home buying process. Don’t incur any more debt. In other words, don’t co-sign in the loans for people, don’t go buying cars, and don't go buying furniture.

I’m not saying you can't do it but if you do it, make sure you run it through the loan officer first because what you don't want to happen and this just happened this week to someone. I sold the home to a buyer and that buyer that was buying the new home, the deal blew up because what happened is apparently the loan officer forgot to tell him and they went out and bought a bunch of furniture. The week that their home was supposed to close.

Lenders, every lender is going to basically pull either the day before or the day of your credit report and call and verify your employment with your employer. This is going to be done and what happened is it knock them out of debt to income ratio. They lost all their earnest money with the builder they lost all the thousands of dollars that they put upfront in the design center and then they have a whole bunch of and they were not even moving into a new home.

It’s a sad situation and I hear about this every once in a while. When I was in lending, I would put it in writing. I would tell people, I made sure and I always told people if you're going to go buy a car. If you’re going to do anything like that call me first (call your loan officer first). Make sure that you could do it before you go out and commit to it. Always call the lender up but it’s just better not to buy anything. Just wait until after you close. If you close on Friday, just go, pay for it all on Saturday.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to give me a call. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, I’d love to help you. I wish you the best of luck and have a wonderful day.

Win a Bidding War when Buying a New Home

In case you're looking for a house in one of the nation's most blazing land markets, where the supply of houses is low and request is high, you may end up in an offering war, with different offers pushing costs ever higher. You have to comprehend what you can do to give yourself favorable position over different purchasers with regards to various offers on a house. Here are a few hints that will enable you to win an offering war when purchasing another home.

•Ask a preapproval letter from your loan specialist

Having pre-qualified, which will affirm your wage and how much the bank may will to loan you in view of your credit profile and history isn't the same as having preapproval for a particular buy offer. You can have a higher shot of destroying different bidders by including a letter from the bank that expresses that your moneylender has endorsed your application and pending examination. By presenting the greater part of your financing documentation to your loan specialist before taking a gander at homes and absolutely before composing any offers, you can plunge immediately when you discover the house you need. This will likewise keep away from the worry of submitting preapproval printed material and composing an offer in the meantime.

•Ask the inquiries

Try not to expect the deal cost is the end-all-be-just for the merchants. Have your specialist discover where their needs lie before making your offer. It relies upon their life circumstance, past land encounters and other imperative variables – there might be different approaches to give quality to your offer. One illustration is to discover their optimal settlement time allotment. While a few dealers jump at the chance to be out at the earliest opportunity, others may need a more drawn out timetable or rent back to oblige the buy of their next house.

•Write the best love Letter

Homes are something other than cement and heaps of wood for generally proprietors. For most, it's where they had a portion of the best recollections of their lives. Normally, most mortgage holders need their home to be sold to purchasers that will give a similar esteem that they provided for the home.

When composing a letter center around what attracted you to the house and what left the best impression. Be particular when you distinguish factors that set it apart from all the others you saw and gave you that Aha minute. Try not to tell the vender what wasn't right with the property or what you'd do to enhance the property, yet disclose how you intend to make it your home.


This is the most disregarded factor. Home purchasing is never simple; there are an excessive number of things to consider. The amount progressively when you are in a quick paced merchants' market. This can as a rule cause disappointments and tension particularly when things are not going our direction. This will lead you to terrible choices that will cause a considerable measure of disappointments.

Ensure that you make a stride back and break down the circumstance and choice. Or maybe let your aggressive nature control you, pause for a minute to inhale and gather your manner of thinking before presenting an offer. Thusly you will have a higher shot of the Aha minute than the Oh Crap minute.

•When all else bombs, a tad of capability here and there succeeds

On the opposite side, on the off chance that you truly need it and you can manage the cost of it at that point put it all on the line. Here's the thing most offers are typically won by the most elevated bidder as well as who has the most elevated offer over the asking cost. Be that as it may, bear in mind to relax.

Home purchasing procedure can never be simple at times, and you lose some offering wars previously you win one, yet you'll be in a superior position to win the house you need with an educated land operator to enable you to compose a solid, aggressive offer that takes after these systems.

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